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Snowman and Calliope (Part Deux)

Oh wow. I am completely blown away by the overwhelming response to the theory that I posted the other day. What’s more, bladekindeyewear actually reblogged it with his opinion, which really made my day, even though he generally disagreed with me. I am just really honored that one of my favorite blogs was interested enough to respond to something that I’d written. 

I have a few points to make in respect to what ByB said. Please note that I admire ByB intensely. I follow him almost religiously, and his Answer To The Ultimate Riddle post changed my entire outlook on Homestuck (seriously, if you haven’t read it, you really need to). This post is in no way intended to be anything more than a simple rebuttal and is only meant to flesh out some more points to my “theory” and maybe garner some more feedback from ByB (if he’s willing to indulge).


Firstly, I’d like to clarify that when I say that “Jack Noir is Lord English” I mean that Jack Noir is currently acting as a temporary representation of Lord English (I really like ByB’s “Jack English” because it’s A: Accurate, and B) a throwback to the theory that Lord English will eventually “Jack” Jake English’s body). Its unclear just how long Jack will be remain this way, but for the purpose of this theory, all that is important is that Jack is indeed channeling the personality of our favorite Time Lord. 

In the same way, I want it to be clear that my theory is not that Snowman actually is Calliope (or Alt!Calliope), but is instead acting as a temporary representation of Alt!Calliope.

That being said, lets look at the points that ByB made.

Bladekindeyewear: “First of all, Calliope would have to be evil to subsume anyone’s will and being like Lord English does with his hosts, much less Snowman, who dedicated her service to some provably evil acts while in LE’s service.  Robbing an evil individual like Snowman of her true destructive will isn’t quite the act of a passive Muse, depending on how you look at it.”

I agree that Alt!Calliope is (highly) unlikely to take anyone’s will away. What I am suggesting is that as the passive Muse of Space, she would somehow make a suggestion that would lead to Snowman’s connection to the trolls’ universe. We know that Caliborn is using Lil Cal. Who’s to say that Alt!Calliope couldn’t have done the same exact thing, but with a less “steal-your-free-will” method? All she would have to do is make a “suggestion” to one of Cal’s iterations (my theory is Doc Scratch, because we know that he made the deal with Snowman in the first place), and he may feel “inspired” to help her. This would make sense considering Caliborn and Calliope’s roles. The Lord of Time forces his will on others, making demands, and even going as far as to possess someone, while the Muse of Space allows others to make their own decisions but offers guidance and inspiration to the parties involved.

Bladekindeyewear: “Lord English intentionally tied her with the lifespan of the universe. Snowman’s deleterious motivations were rather clear the entire time. Andrew even said that she let herself get killed by Jack, because her dying would accomplish Derse’s general role of “opposition to creation” by destroying an entire universe. There’s basically no chance Calliope was involved with her!

Yes, Snowman is destructive. This would obviously be in direct opposition of the creation that Calliope wishes to accomplish… on the face of things. However we have to remember one of the most overbearing themes of Homestuck: things aren’t always what they seem.

Remember what Doc Scratch said about a Seer.

She would have the sight to eschew the obvious gambits, and find the path to victory disguised cleverly as setback, or even imminent defeat.

Homestuck is full of examples of this “sudden turn of events”, from this:


to this


to this


Death and destruction are natural prerequisites to creation in this comic. Defeat frequently disguises itself as victory, and vice versa. The mere fact that the main characters have to die in order to God-tier is evidence that destruction is not always what it appears to be. Alt!Calliope could have orchestrated the whole incident (Through Lil Cal/Doc Scratch) with Snowman with the express intent of allowing a universe to die, in order for some greater good to come from it. 

Don’t forget:

TT: Certain texts say singing from the unknowable void carries a message. 
TT: That its recipient has been selected for a mission of supreme cosmic importance, that will result in your death and that of billions more. 
TT: But one that is essential to the perpetuation of existence itself.

One of ByB’s own theories hinges on the idea that Calliope would be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to the survival of existence.

By shattering reality and the Void, Lord English embodies the death of Paradox Space. Why can’t an ascended, winged Calliope sacrifice herself to embody creation?!


And based on a much more recent page, she understands the necessity of others to sacrifice themselves as well:


UU: i believe yoU shoUld all strongly consider ascending to the god tiers. 
TG: oh 
TG: ok that sounds cool what do we do 
UU: well of coUrse it soUnds cool! bUt it’s not necessarily as easy as it soUnds, steeling oneself for death. believe me. 
UU: bUt if yoU can find the resolve, then here is what yoU mUst do. 

UU: yoU mUst travel to the centre of the moons of prospit and derse, and there in the crypt yoU will find yoUr sacrificial slabs. yoU mUst lie on them, and then… 
UU: then yoU all mUst die. one way or another. u_u 

Note that she is merely presenting this option to Roxy. She is not forcing her will on anyone. Compare this to Caliborn’s conversation with Jake:


GT: Die??? 

"Don’t worry about it. I have all this under control." Caliborn fully intends for Jake to go god-tier, regardless of any of Jake’s feelings on the matter. Remember that Caliborn forced his will on Jack.


Whereas Alt!Calliope is more likely to inspire. And why shouldn’t Snowman go along with it? Her will is to destroy the Genesis Frog, which coincides with Calliope’s true will (victory disguised as defeat).

Bladekindeyewear: I mean, if [Calliope was involved with Snowman], Lord English would know about it, and be able to trace it back to her.  That would be unacceptable.  Snowman acted exactly as both [Snowman] and Lord English desired, with not a shred of good evident in it.

Not necessarily. Let’s not forget that Calliope and Caliborn are playing a game with one another. One where Calliope is currently hiding from her brother (and isn’t doing a bad job of it). If anyone can keep a secret from Lord English, it is going to be Calliope, or at least her alternate self. And if Calliope managed to suggest that Snowman take on the lifespan of the Universe, she would merely be playing on Snowman’s own desire to cause destruction. Snowman would be doing something that would seem natural to her character, while also doing a service to Lord English… however she would be playing right into Calliope’s hands. It would be a necessary sacrifice; one that perpetuates existence at the expense a universe. 

Now, do I think that Jack Noir is actually Lord English? Not really. I believe that Lord English is a super-charged version of Caliborn, and that Caliborn is currently using Jack Noir as a puppet English. 

I also believe that Snowman was used as an agent of Alt!Calliope (though she never realized it) and that when we finally see Alt!Calliope, she will bear a striking resemblance to Snowman (just like Jack is now emulating Lord English), perhaps wearing a sweet Three-in-the-morning coat.

Bladekindeyewear makes some more points about Calliope’s possible influencing the B2 Black Queen, which I also accept as an alternative explanation. I just find the parallels between Jack/Black Queen and Lord English/Alt!Calliope to be too obvious to ignore. 

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